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Sarah Blake Femdom

Sarah Blake started out in the mainstream vanilla porn industry and bondage modelling for many of the top companies in the adult industry. After a lot of experimentation(and a lot of fun!) Sarah realised she was the most happy being her bossy, sassy, teasing self instead of playing the roles that the director's gave her. She still loves roleplay, but many of her characters and themes have taken on a more villian-like quality and that's perfect for the femdom videos that Sarah now produces.

Sarah, along with her website has gone through a bit of a transformation. From cute girl next door to voluptuos femdom vixen you can follow her journey from when she first stepped onto her first airplane to Los angeles to now.

SarahBlake.com offers a free and several levels of paid membership. Membership inclused videos, photo sets, Sarah's personal diary, audio posts, and updates nearly every day. If you are more of a fan of her older work, don't worry! You will still be able to enjoy the older posts and even the new ones with pantyhose, solo masturbation, and more that Sarah still produces.

Sarah Blake now only works and shoots for herself, producing fetish content including femdom videos but also more creative projects that involve special effects, make-up, scripts, wigs, and green screens. Some of her more popular videos and photo sets include vampires, tranformation fetish, and monsters. There is always writing and planning being done for new and interesting story lines and characters.

Fem Dom

For fans of Sarah Blake's vanilla work that aren't familier with femdom videos I bet you are rolling the work around your head. Femdom, fem dom, what does that mean? Think female domination, female dominant, girl on top, bossy bitch(in a good way), masturbation instruction, strapon sex, and other BDSM activites with a woman in charge. If its a complete turn off to see that type of content, I recommend you find another wesite, this one won't be for you if you can't look past the sass!

For you slave boys that do love femdom videos or are just turned on by a dominant woman, carry on to the main page and search out your fantasy!

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Goddess Worship

This is is just a few of them? Yes, there are about another 50-100 fetishes that fit into this femdom BDSM realm and Sarah plans to enjoy them all

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