Broke Joke Humiliation from Sarah Blake Cruel Blonde Bitch

yourabrokejoke Broke Joke Humiliation from Sarah Blake Cruel Blonde Bitch
Broke Joke!
Did you just show up thinking you were going to get something for NOTHING? You bring cash? No?!? Well, then FUCK OFF! I’m ignoring you until you are worthy of my attention by spoiling me.

Humiliation for the broke joke losers out there…you know who you are! You know you love it when I’m mean to you

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More Red Monday pt2

sbglamredredtoy059 200x300 More Red Monday pt2
Here we are, Monday again! Well, don’t let those Mondays get you down, come get some more read from your favorite redhead! This is part two of the photo set I posted last Monday becuase some of ya’ll needed some fucking cheering up! So smile, get that cock out, and let’s get you feel better!

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Sarah Blake Tube New Catsuit

2014 08 29 14.26.54 161x300 Sarah Blake Tube New Catsuit


This is a thank you video for Ben. He sent me this very sexy catsuit. Luckily for him, I have a catsuit fetish too! I love the way they feel on my skin and I think it’s very similar to wearing pantyhose for me. Yell know I have an accessory fetish. Hot girl, hot accessories, makes for beautiful pictures and video. I have collected quite a few body stockings, catsuits, and other sexy outfits that I plan on displaying on my YouTube channel. That is, the ones that are SAFE for YouTube! Ha ha Ha!

For the outfits and things that are not safe for you to I will be posting them here on my blog at seriously can you guys for content and tweet me at my blog where lots and lots of naughty Sarah Blake content can always be found.

I adore my fans and thank you so much for sending me gifts off my wish list. It’s always nice to get something in the mail. I’m an 80s child, so getting something in the mail is like a special treat. I even get excited when I order something for my own damn self! As you may have noticed, it’s not all lingerie in high heels. I like to favorite things for later that have to do with my hobbies and also things for my home. I know a lot of people don’t enjoy buying things for my home or for my hobbies and rather get me lingerie and that’s fine with me! I love getting pretty things in the mail too!

More Red Glam pt1

sbglamredredtoy005 200x300 More Red Glam pt1

sbglamredredtoy001 200x300 More Red Glam pt1
I made a post earlier today on Twitter that had the hastag #MoreGlamMonday And I thought why not add even more red here Sarah

I shot this photo set on a trip to Georgia. As you can see I am very tan and this is due to spray tanning. This is also why I don’t get spray tannned because it tends to make me a little too dark. I can get a natural suntan and will always prefer that over the spray tan. If I’m outside a lot in 10 the whole summer I can actually get darker than the shade I am in these pics.

This photo set contains one of my favorite pictures. I guess it’s because it seems more dramatic and artistic than porn to me. I know it’s all porn but sometimes it’s fine to makes a little artsy fartsy in there once in awhile to keep it interesting. Without that element in my work, I would seriously be bored to death. This can get monotonous but that’s why I am always adapting and changing to suit what makes me happy instead of bitter and bored.

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