Wrestling Session pt2

Wresting Session pt2
Real session I had with a subby. His request: It would be two college students writing essays. The guy is writing his essay on wrestling in the modern age. The woman would ask why wrestling and the guy would talk about the different kinds of wrestling today including what he calls women's novelty wrestling. The woman gets offended and asks just because women are in it you deem it novelty? the guy would explain that well they seem to wrestle well enough but the winner get to humiliate the loser. The match would be fantasy style submission based. You could use whatever moves (submission,smothering, humiliation) you feel comfortable doing to gain submissions. The match would start with both of us clothed and then you basically strip me as the match goes on to add more humiliation. At the end there would be strap-on humiliation or maybe incorporating some form of force-bi humiliation, chastity, verbal humiliation.

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